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From mail:

“The Data Portability and Services Incubator (DAPSI) has launched its third and last open call for internet innovators.

A total budget of €2.5 million is available to support the best proposals. Participants will get:
• Grants up to €150k (equity-free)
• Free business and technical training
• Free access to top infrastructure

Apply by 23 November 2021, at 05:00pm CET!

Info: dapsi.ngi.eu/apply

Open call webinar: f6s.com/dapsi-open-call-3-webi

Apply via: f6s.com/dapsi-open-call-3/appl

@sl007 I wonder if this grant could be used to bring #federation to #gitea

As far as I know, there are already people working on bringing federation to the gits – maybe you can join a group and apply together?
@humanetech might know more about this …



@humanetech @sl007 @sum we've applied for the NLnet grant, so I'm not sure if we are allowed to apply to both for the same thing.

@humanetech @sl007 @sum
looking at DAPSI application, it has the following warning: "By ticking this box, I confirm the applicant(s) has not received funding for a similar project and that the applicant(s) has enough Operational Capacity to carry out the work. In addition, the applicant(s) gives consent to DAPSI consortium to share the needed information with other NGI RIAs projects for the only purpose of cross-check that there is not double funding or operational capacity conflict."

@gitea @humanetech @sum

What we did was asking DAPSI with all this before.
It might depend if you are a legal entity.
Anyway, Sara Mateo answered quickly and very kind …
I would try.

@gitea @sl007 @sum

Maybe you can split some part off of the core of activities into a new project.

NGI0 --> Federated Gitea

DAPSI --> Extending, productizing federation, future roadmap prep

With a research component, UX study, ForgeFed v1.x, other vocabs, FedeProxy interop.

"How does federation support revolutionize what we can offer in terms of Unified Software Development paradigm?"

@gitea @sl007 @sum

I would like to repeat that with federation #Gitea can gain USP's that #Github / #Gitlab can't or won't offer. Some real value-added software development experience, that treads a new path and favours open communities and #FOSS

@humanetech @gitea @sl007 @sum The Gitea NLnet grant application does not cover all the work required to implement federation in Gitea: this is not enough funding.

It is possible for other people to apply to DAPSI and pick tasks that do not overlap. Independent people / organizations can cooperate on the same topic... as long as they avoid redundancy 😜

This is a fine example of the benefits of being 100% transparent. All the details can be found in the Gitea issues.


@gitea @humanetech @sl007 @sum This box must be ticked because zeripath and techknowlogick will not know if they have funding from NLnet before the November 23rd, 2021 deadline.

@gitea @humanetech @sum

I see.Yes, that depends.
If I would apply with the whole project at DAPSI: No.

Last time I had split the project in 2 parts for “cross-check that there is not double funding or operational capacity conflict.” and applied w. a university at DAPSI and w. 8 people at NGI0 which was rejected as well …
Since then there were 112 commits github.com/redaktor/widgets-pr

Anyway, meanwhile I took Venture Capital and spoke with the EU socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/ ff.

@gitea @humanetech @sl007 @sum In this instance the "we" is zeripath and techknowlogick : they applied as individuals. Around November 1st, 2021, they will know if the proposal was rejected. Or they will be notified that it enters the second round of evaluation and they will likely get the results early December 2021.

It would make sense for zeripath and techknowlogick to apply to DAPSI as well with exactly the same project but they will have to choose one if both are accepted.

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