@gitea has joined fediverse. They are in the planning phase of adding federation to Gitea. Does this mean we will be able to file issues, pull-requests and follow repositories in other Gitea instances? We will see.

گیتی به فدیورس پیوست. در توییتر نوشته‌اند که می‌خواهند فدریشن را به گیتی بیاورند. آیا این به این معنی خواهد بود که توسعه‌دهندگان امکان فایل کردن issue، ارسال pull request و فالو کردن رپوزیتوری در سایر اینستانس‌های گیتی را در آینده خواهند داشت؟ به زودی خواهیم دید.

@AliMirjamali that's the goal, with help from the fedeproxy team we are applying for a grant to be able to work on adding federation to Gitea.

@gitea @AliMirjamali is forgefed actually moving forwards now? Last I saw it was stuck in limbo with nobody working on the spec


@cinebox We are applying for a grant to be able to implement federation. Some beginning work prior to the grant has also been sponsored by @fedeproxy to have some foundational components ready if we are accepted by the grant. (Big shoutout to fedeproxy team for championing this grant writing process)

@gitea @fedeproxy @cinebox Fedeproxy and Forgefed are two different approaches to the same problem right? (with hopefully some overlap and reuse?)

So the complete answer is something like "Yes, forgefed is stuck in limbo but we're moving forward with fedeproxy"?

@clacke @cinebox @fedeproxy @gitea fedeproxy is a server that implements the ActivityPub protocol. The messages conveyed via ActivityPub are conformant to the models/vocabulary defined by forgefed. It is accurate to say that fedeproxy depends on forgefed and ActivityPub.

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